How did you install Home Assistant?

Hmm yeah, I would say that the documentation hadn’t embraced it either. Some main parts are done, but it hasn’t been fully revisited, not does it explain it anywhere.

For example, the glossary has been updated just about a week ago-ish.

I have asked you before in the discord channel if the documentation could start adding revisions to the documents. This way users can understand if the document is still valid. You had said (if I remember correctly) that it took to much time. Due to the fast changing environment we are now in, can you reconsider your decision?

Please help me remember with your goal on revisions, do you mean versioning?

Normally companies have document control via revisions and dates. Sometimes Home Assistant has changed and the document is no longer valid as it has not been modified to the new revision of Home Assistant. When a user needs to understand a new change or a new add-on to their system they open the documentation. The user has no way of knowing if the document is still valid. I had said that it would be nice to reference the version of home Assistant when the document is released

I mean you can look at the github version of the page (it is always linked) and see when it was last updated. And you can see the complete history of the doc. However a simple “last updated on 12 April 2020” directly on the page would be useful.

Someone should close this thread as it’s utility is now significantly reduced by this Installation Methods & Community Guides Wiki

Great! Then since you seem to acknowledge that there is some room for improvement then it sounds like this is the perfect time to fix it before things go on too far.

But also, since you’ve offered, what is your opinion?

Precisely…and the direction has become 100% non-negotiable with the user-base IMHO.

Then again I have been known to be naive at times? It seems like a lot of others here may share my naivety and as a result we have beefed up our forum policy and started to censor any views that are not shared by the few!

We have git for versioning. Other than that, it rather put time into improve the current state of the docs. :slight_smile:

I fail to see how having a revision number and date adds much time? It is just a discipline that most commercial companies mandate. In any case I do appreciate the great work by you and the team.

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Maybe you could see @flamingm0e first answer as a personal attack due to “discussions with you being fruitless” , but the capitalization was in no way a personal attack. And I can’t see why the second response, (which got unflagged now) would have been a personal attack in any way.

But thanks for opening my eyes, I’ll now also stop posting here, I don’t want to be in a community where people get treated like this. I know you couldn’t care less, but the other 100’s of people I helped here in the community may care…


It maybe linked but I believe that a released document must have this information. It is called quality control. No company I every worked at allowed anything less. In any case it looks like it is a dead issue.

I agreed with you that it would be helpful to have a date or revision number in the docs.

That I have agreed on in the past. Showing things like git revision or date last changed is doable and would be helpful.

How do we implement this? Where can I file that suggestion on github? Would it be an architecture issue?

Feature requests go into the forums here, we have a feature request section :+1:

There is Microsoft Office and there is MacOs Office. They both have the same intention but they look and feel different.

Why can’t we have Raspberry Pi HA, Docker HA, MacOS HA, etc?
Does this help? maybe. If we split up documentation/forum

Looking for Supervisor? It’s default on Raspberry PI HA and it is absent on others (these lines are just an example)

So in a forum the topic starts with the version;
RPHA: installing HACS
DHA; how to operate Sonoff
MHA; where are my backups?

You see, once we all get yoused to this it is clear where to search for things
There could also be a GHA (General Home Assistant) category
GHA: I installed RPHA and MHA yet both installations end up with different results (lovelace and yaml wise) <- this one in fact is true.

It is just an idea…


In case you missed it in the fray…

Because installing hacs is the same on any version, as is using sonoff.