How did you install Home Assistant?

Thank you.

I was going to go for longer but I wanted there to be a way to get the results in a somewhat timely manner.

I figured three days reasonable but it could go a week or so but I’m not sure I can edit the poll now without screwing something up.

That surprises me too.

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With the shit that’s hitting the fan here lately…nothing surprises me!

I just tend to see ulterior motives now that clearly money and sponsors are involved!


Yeah best not to mess with it if thats a concern.


FWIW, 0.110.x will tell you exactly what you have installed in dev tools.


Good to know.

Thanks for the info.


What sponsors, i this a new thing?

Home Assistant Core in Docker for my main HA
Latest hassbian image for all the slaves :smile:

Ha! No idea…

Just one more example of the confusion even among the devs.

Shouldn’t they have changed that to “Home Assistant: true”? :wink: Wouldn’t that cause a bunch of (more…) confusion? :crazy_face:

But why is that even there at all? I’m not even sure what that even means anymore since the “home assistant supervised” install method gives you a “hassio-style” system by definition.

@aidbish Nabu Casa (who I pay for services by the way) sponsors HA Development right?

Or is that not a thing?

Ahh k, i thought there were more

All the confusion (and release problems) has made me very weary and lead to my decision to stay put for now.

I am more than a little concerned that the wreckless pace of ‘progress’ will eventually mean my Nabu Casa subscription will stop working. I rely on that for seamless offsite monitoring and control.

And that…makes me even more weary OR is it angry?
(I was going to CAPITALISE the above line but god forbid to offend anyone here!)

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@aidbish Since you asked perhaps you may know why it is that these particular integrations always seem to be “Featured” on the integrations page? Are they the ones you thought were sponsors as well because I do often wonder myself?

My memory is pretty shite but two years ago that spot used to be reserved for ‘New’ integrations? But I could be wrong? (and often I am)

I always assumed they were the ‘sexiest’ ones.
i.e. the ones that would show off the abilities of HA better.

After all there a few very dull niche integrations available some with even duller icons :wink:


See @klogg I would love to think that way myself but when I read all those large company names and every time I visit that page they are there and now things have to be UI configurable (or not at all) my suspicions become aroused, I cannot help myself but add 1 and 1.

Yeah same, i thought they would the ones people would recognise first.

I just checked through them and honestly there are things i have never even heard of or seen.

IMO it would make sense to do a proper survey and do a prompt for it with the next HA release pointing to either a forum thread or some external poll service where one doesn’t need to register (in order to get more votes, since not everybody might be willing to register just to vote).

Also, I currently voted “HassOS”, but I was thinking about moving to the generic supervised variant because of some limitations of HassOS. Like it is not easy for me to run additional services like a UPNP/DLNA server or OwnCloud, since I am not Linux geek enough to create my own HA add-ons for those. So my idea was to run a generic OS on my RPI4 which I can extend more easily (so at least my thinking).

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3x Supervised :partying_face:

I’m surprised at how few hasOS there are considering the number of support questions from people with this setup. I suspect they are getting lumped in with supervised by people not reading your chart. “Oh I have a supervisor menu that must be my system, I don’t need a chart.”

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it is more likely they do not know about this poll.

edit: and yes, the super confusing naming situation also doesn’t really help

Yeah I guess it is skewed to people who read the forum regularly rather than just looking for answers.