How do I back everything up? SOLVED

How do I go about backing everything up? I have had enough experience with using SD cards on my RPi3 to know that regular backups are important. Ideally I’d like to backup all of the data and configuration files so I can reload it on a fresh os installation. I’ve already had to pull the plug several times while learning to set things up and no longer trust the integrity of my SD card. What’s the best way to go about this in


Snapshots. Create a snapshot in the control panel and download it from Samba in the backup share folder. This way if something does go bad, you can just reinstall fresh and upload/restore your snapshot to be back up and running.


Worked like a charm. Thank you!

I’ve just setup a new RPi3 under, I’ve added in SSH/SAMBA/Mosquitto addons, now I need to restore a snapshot I took before my SD card died.
Is there supposed to be a method to import a previous .tar snapshot file? I have copied it back into the “backup” share, but it doesn’t show up in the GUI where I could RESTORE it from?
Or should I just expand the backup and copy the files in individually to the “config” share?

Hit the refresh icon in upper right corner and the backup will show up in the list.


What @NotoriousBDG said should work. Once you upload the .tar file to the backup share folder, you should be able to select it from the same control panel you create backups from.

Thanks that worked…hard to believe I missed that refresh icon :wink:

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Thanks alot, missed the little refresh button too. :sweat_smile:

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Regarding restoration, is the routine as follows:

  • Backup from the Snapshot menu.
  • Preserve backup file away from SD card.
  • If system should need to be restored, download the most recent HASS.IO image and start fresh on your SD card.
  • Setup Samba.
  • Copy the backup to the backup folder.
  • Use the Restore in the Snapshot screen.

Is the version of HASS.IO installed at the time of the backup critical to a successful restore, or does the backup only contain configuration information for HA? Thanks!


I think I’m missing a step. Where do you do Snapshots from? I’ve been looking for a tool called Backup or Snapshots as a add-on or option on the control panel and can’t seem to locate one.

Click the link in the left menu. Then, click the hamburger menu all the way in the upper right.

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It’s so built in an obvious I looked right past it. Doh!

Noob Here - Be Warned!

Where would one find the back up file? i was able to create one and accidentally tested it. It works!

What i can’t do is find where it is located so i can save it away from the card. I know i have seen a blank back up file somewhere, but finding it proves difficult. It almost seems that it should be where the config file is located. It almost seems that what was once is now gone. Lost to the ether by an accidental deletion?

BTW, the community is great and i do appreciate the help.

Disregard. Found it. I was looking in the config file. Not in the entire file. They need to take my computers away.


ok i got the snapshot made and I thought I could just scp it over but no. So I have to install the samba addon, im just wondering how safe it is to have samba as compared to other available options, if there are any?

Why can’t you scp it over? I can

I get permission denied. And I’m using root

I did scp [email protected]:/backup/filename.tar /

Where / is my root directory on my mac

@DavidFW1960 any idea what I might be missing?

Careful with snapshot, they do not back up everything. I recently had to re-install hassio, I thought it would be piece of cake as I had plenty of backups, but when I wanted to restore I found that pieces are missing. I ended up re-imlementing the whole thing, took me a week. My python scrips were gone, the www directory, packages and few other files. Or is it just me?
Since then, I do backup, but I also copy the files via robocopy to my cloud account.

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