How do I change the category of a Zigbee device?

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I managed to succesfully pair a CentraLite 4257050-RZHAC smart plug. Unfortunately it came in as a light, and as such is in the master light list.

I’m a total Home Assistant newbie, is there a way to change the device category to a switch or plug or am I stuck with it as a light?


You’ll need to tell us what sort of zigbee integration you are using.

I’m sorry, I don’t fully understand the question, so I’ll just describe my setup.

I am using a GoControl CECOMINOD016164 HUSBZB-1 with Z-Wave Plus and Zigbee controllers connected to a raspberry pi running

I added the Zigbee device to my network using the web interface, it added succesfully and can turn on/off when commanded.

Attached is a photo of the device in Home Assistant, you can see that it is registered as a light.