How do I configure ASA blinds

new user, trying to make the switch from Domoticz to Home Assistant.

I’m having trouble trying to control ASA blinds. These work fine with my RFXcom and Domoticz but I can’t get them to work with Home Assistant…

Based on a reading of the Domoticz sources, the ASA protocol is subtype 3 of the RFY protocol. So I tried adding a device 071a0300[unitcode][unitid], using unit code 0d0806 and unit id 01 from my Domoticz install.

Unfortunately, that did not work… What am I doing wrong ? How do I start debugging this ?

Following up to myself: I got ASA blinds working, but that does require a patch too RFXtrx. I’ll create a pull request for this later. (Basically: make sure the subtype gets set correctly on messages in the Rfy class)

Hi Timt,

I’m very new to this, I see the blinds in HA, I see codes in the console, but nothing happens…

Could you elaborate on how you’ve got this working?

Hi Geert,

I’m trying to remember how I did this, myself. First off: The patch is no longer needed, I’ve contributed it to the pyrfxtrx code base.

Based on my configuration.yaml this is what I did:

  - platform: group
    name: Front Window
      - cover.raam_links_voor
      - cover.raam_midden_voor
      - cover.raam_rechts_voor

  - platform: rfxtrx
    automatic_add: False
        name: Raam achter
        name: Raam zijkant
        name: Raam Links voor
        name: Raam Midden voor
        name: Raam Rechts voor

You’ll have to supply your own IDs obviously.

I think that what I did is:

  • Put the blind in ‘learning mode’ (Press up and down simultaneously, until you get a brief up/down movement)
  • select the cover switch you want to assign, and click down.
    If everything is correct, then the blind should move down

This might help:

Let me know how you get on!

Thanks Tim.
I’ll try as soon as I find some spare time again :wink:

I’m however no longer sure to have this handled by HA. It is handled by Domoticz for the moment and there is a concept ‘timer plan’. This means one has ‘default’ and ie. ‘holiday’. When default is set, the covers open at 6 am. and close at sunset. When holiday is set, they don’t open automatically in the morning. I have also ‘hot’, so they open at 6 am, close again at 7am and open again at 5pm and lower at sunset. On Fridays, they open also at 10.45 am untill 14:30 for the cleaning lady. I wrote something that reads from a Google Calendar and sets the timer plan accordingly. So I don’t have to change things when I have a day off, I just register it in the calendar.

I haven’t found something similar in HA yet.

Thanks for your help anyway. Now I think of it, if I would move to HA, I may want to have manual controls and still implements this.


I know it has been a while since the last person replied in this topic. But I am very lost with RFXcom. I have ASA blinds. With the RAW analyse I see the commands coming by, but i don’t know how to get the unitcode.

I finally got it.

Step 1. Program the ASA in the RFXcom, go to RFY tab, select a random ID, first blind is unitcode 1, command program, set the blinds in program mode (little button on the bottom of the physical remote) and transmit

Step 2. Add to HA using the method of @timt (071a0300[unitcode][unitid]) and it works great.

Added this for personal reference too :wink:

hi guys!

I’m about to buy an RFX interface to use the same way to control my ASA RTW cover because Myhiggins RTW and app are anymore on the market.
Please, could you confirm me that RFX868XL LAN could do the job?