How do I configure HA for outbound IMAP messages?

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I’m new to HA, and am struggling with the documentation because I don’t yet have sufficient an understanding of the basics to know what it’s trying to tell me. So I could do with a little help.

I’ve seen the following page detailing how to connect HA to an IMAP account,

IMAP setup

My IMAP server uses connections for inbound and outbound messages, and I can’t find out where to put the outbound details, only the inbound one. Or how to trigger an outbound message.

Am I being dense, or is this something that HA can’t do?

@zombies.aaargh I moved this out of feature requests because it is a configuration question.

The IMAP integration you linked is to read your inbox, what it sounds like you are looking for is mail configuration so you can send messages out:

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Yep the imap integration is for reading incoming messages. Imap itself has nothing to do with sending email.

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I hadn’t realized that I’d put it there, I meant for it to be in configuration.

I’m having trouble with SMTP integration, so I’m looking for an alternative. I’m not using Gmail, and I can’t seem to find pop3 support in HA.

POP3 is pretty outdated, and most POP3 servers also have an IMAP function to them. It’s highly likely that whomever you are using for your POP3 also has an IMAP capability that you can use.

POP3 is a “fetch and delete” protocol, meaning that HA would have to be an actual email client for that to be useful, whereas IMAP leaves the messages on the server unless you request to remove them.

What trouble are you having with the SMTP configuration, perhaps we can help? And who is your email provider that you are using POP3 with?

He has another thread about smtp - lets keep it one place or another. Can't send notification with attachment using smtp - #10 by zombies.aaargh


If it’s not too much trouble, could I please have a copy of your code, and some information on where you put it. I can’t seem to get HA to do this bit.

Merged that post with this thread

If it’s all the same, I think that the threads need to be kept separate as mixing two different things in the same thread is going to get confusing.

It’s my server, I tried IMAP first but apparently HA can’t send out messages through it so I thought I’d try POP instead.

I’ve got a thread open about it, Triggering a custom SMTP notification - Falling at the first hurdle - #12 by pedolsky

I can’t even get SMTP set upon HA, it just says that it cannot find the service. I’m not sure that I have SMTP set up correctly on HA. The server details are correct but I can’t even call the norification.

Like you were told already, nothing can send email via imap.

Show us your smtp setup and logs.

Here is the origal thread.

There is no smtp log, there is something wrong with my smtp setup or configure on Ha.

The smtp service is not being called so it doesn’t generate a log.

Post your code. We cannot help you unless you do so.

If you’re referring to the IMAP code, there isn’t any yet. My imap server has separate ports for upstream and downstream syncing and I can’t find the sectioning the documentation on how to sync upstream. I’ve largely abandoned this.

If you’re asking about SMTP, it’s on the original thread. I’d prefer to keep the two subjects separate and not post the code here. to avoid confusion.

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