How do I lock a user to a specific dashboard?

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I want to take advantage of multiple dashboards, but I haven’t been able to find a good description on how to lock an alternative dashboard to a specific user?

Meaning ‘User B should not be able to access default dashboard, only the alternative one’

Could somebody give me solution to this?

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This feature doesn’t exist yet.

There is a little workaround though. You can enable or disable dashboard tabs for users. So disable everything but this one dashboard tab for that user.

Ok, I just assumed it would work by this note from the 0.107 release:

Each dashboard can be added to the menu sidebar as well, with a configurable title and icon. Furthermore, it is possible to limit access to a dashboard to admin users only.

So If I make the default dashboard Admin only, the User B will automatically load the alternative dashboard as default ?

I do think so yes

You can’t make the default dashboard admin only.
You can make a new Admin only dashboard tho.

…and, if an Admin user log on, this will then be the default dashboard ?

This feature (multiple dashboards) ain’t quite mature yet?

It wouldn’t be their default, they’d have to set it.

Nope it’s pretty new.

And what happens if you disable access to all tabs on the default dashboard for a user? Does that user see an empty dashboard?

As it’s explained yes, that should be how it looks.
I’ve not done this so I couldn’t say for sure myself.

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Just use this plugin

It can hide or show specific pages to specific uses, device types etc

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Use it already, but it doesn’t suit my needs for this particular issue :slight_smile:

how do you disable dashboard tabs for users?

If you press the menu on the top right of the dashboard page and choose configure UI, you get little pencils behind the tab titles, click on the pencil and you get a pop-up, in the pop-up you go to the third tab where you can choose the access per user.


I know you said you have custom header installed and it doesn’t suit your needs but I’m pretty sure it does exactly what you are asking. I currently use it to have my phone only be able to see the mobile dashboard I setup for it. I haven’t played around with it that much but pretty sure you can use it to restrict individual users to custom views.

Maybe you could elaborate on how you would do that within custom header. I just checked but can’t find any option for setting anything for a specific user.

Right now I have 5 tabs at the top of my dashboard: home, multimedia, vacuum, sprinklers and mobile. Click the top right of your dashboard and go into custom header. Under exceptions near the bottom of the screen is where you would add it. The user agent would be where you would select who the exception is for. Right now mine is set to mobile so anytime a mobile browser or device accesses the home assistant they get the mobile tab. At the bottom of the screenshot you can see where you can select to show or hide the tabs and enter what tabs to hide or show. You can also use all of the other toggles to configure things how you want but I just left everything else default.

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I would really appreciate such a feature, too!
e.g. I have configured multiple dashboards with different tabs (tabs are grouped by rooms)

Now, I would like to create a simple Dashboard, which should be the default one for displaying on a Tablet.
This Tablet should only access the Dashboard, designed for that usage - and that user.
It should not be possible to perform any other actions, like “settings”, switching through other dashboards or have administrative privileges…

Can this submitted as a feature request somewhere?

Feature requests maybe.