How do I refresh?!

l have many cameras set up in HA but after l bring the app into view from the background the camera images do not show/refresh. I cannot find a way to refresh the app and end up closing and reopening it.

Is there a refresh facility in the app?



Yeah, I miss that feature too, maybe it comes in next updates

It was discussed somewhere else that they won’t add the refresh feature as it should work without. And the part that is preventing this to work should be identified and fixed instead.

That was a while ago. Not sure what are the current plans.

I really wish they would reconsider some sort of refresh option… I have the exact same issue as the OP.

It seems that if the app is left on a page displaying one or more cameras, after some time (likely when the access tokens expire/change), re-entering the app will show a grey box (broken link picture?) and the cameras will not be view-able until the page is refreshed, which is very easy to do in Chrome but impossible in the official app.

The issue happens with both my mjpeg camera streams (from Blue Iris) as well as my ESP32 camera stream (from ESPHome).

Indeed, I have the same with my cameras… I need to refresh sometimes…
Now indeed, I need to close the app

The frontend should load and be available in 1 second, if you guys are not seeing that then you should consider creating a frontend issue.

Here is the discussion that was done on this issue:

Indeed, maybe not related to this app, I had it also when I was using the home shortcut

I recently installed the companion app on my Android tablet wall panel (trying to move way from the WallPanel app). After an HA server reboot should the app auto refresh at some point? It’s been stuck on “Connection lost. Reconnecting…” for about 30 minutes despite other devices having reconnected. This is a scenario when I use the refresh option in the iOS version and in the Android WallPanel app.

What is the recommended way to refresh the Android companion app in this case.


Every time i restart Homeassistant my tablet cannot reconnect again i need to restart de app

i noticed an setting in the profile setting page “automaticly close connection” , thats default enabled
maybe it helps disabling that one?

I have somewhat of a similar issue, but not with cameras.
I’ve updated the pictures in an entity card. In chrome, after a hard refresh the correct images show up, but in the HA app on android i still have the old pictures which i can’t seem to be able to refresh…

Workaround for this is to go into the Android Settings, choose “Apps”, followed by “Manage Apps”.
There look for the Home Assistant app, select it and scroll down all the way to the bottom to choose clear data. My phone asked me to clear all data or cache only. Choosing cache fixed the issue after restarting the HA app…