How do I restart home assistant after update?

I have home assistant core on raspberry pi4 and I want to restart whole rpi.
How can I do this? Now after the update there is just one restart option. And this doesn’t restart the whole pi.
Also where is now check configuration before restart option?
So confusing.

Select “Config > Hardware” then click the 3 dots to access “Reboot host”.
“check configuration” is now in the Developer Tools

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I found check configuration, thanks.
But i cant find this “Config > Hardware”
I only have this in settings:

Hardware is in System


And the restart option is in the top right menu there. Quite well hidden :wink:


And not without good reasons! :slight_smile:

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That depends… If people start to hot-unplug because they cannot find a graceful shutdown you’re worse off.


If people do it like that (just cutting the power) I’m quite sure that would be the kind of folks that are addressed with the hidden buttons. They shouldn’t do it at all! :slight_smile:

Thank You for the help. I need to restart the host once in a while or my zigbie2mqtt and some other addons don’t work.

Normally it should be enough to just restart the corresponding addOn (Z2M). As these are containers, they can be restarted without restarting the host.

A restart of the host is only necessary in very, very rare cases. What seems to be the problem with some of you addOns? Maybe there is a better solution than restarting the whole machine. :slight_smile:

They just stop working, and you cannot restart them because of some HA error. And this persist even after normal restart. Only host restart helps.
And, also You cant update anything, because of some HA error. I cant show You the error now because I just restarted, and it is fixed.

I can post it next month here.

Here we go, so there is an error with something! :slight_smile: If you want to, post it when you get the logs and we can try to resolve the underlying error. It’s always better than periodically restarting the whole machine! :slight_smile:

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So some time has passed and the error returned as foretold:

What logs You want to see? @paddy0174