How do I run commands in HA?

This might be a basic question for most of you. However, I am new to Home Assistant and to coding, while I am still eager to learn quick.
I am trying to setup my Eufy Vacuum cleaner in HA with the EufyHome integration. The standard integration takes you to this page. EufyHome - Home Assistant
There are instructions to run commands.

My question is, where and how do I run these commands?

access_token can be obtained by running:

$ curl -H “Content-Type: application/json”
-d ‘{“client_id”:“eufyhome-app”, “client_Secret”:“GQCpr9dSp3uQpsOMgJ4xQ”, “email”:“USERNAME”, “password”:“PASSWORD”}’

replacing USERNAME and PASSWORD with the EufyHome username and password. This will give an access_token . Then run:

$ curl -H token:TOKEN -H category:Home

replacing TOKEN with the access_token from the previous command. This will provide the local_code for each device.

At the command prompt of any Linux terminal. You can use the SSH and Web terminal add-on if you are using home assistant OS: Home Assistant Community Add-on: SSH & Web Terminal

I have this Terminal menu item which takes me here - see screenshot.
Should I just paste that code in here?

Yeah that one may do too.

I did that, replaced user and pass with mine, but got this error message. What’s wrong?

Try the community addon I linked to. It’s a lot fuller featured.

Did you maybe leave off “curl” at the very front of your command line?