How many (nodered) service-calls at the same time?

I use nodered to switch different lamps via the node ‘call service’. I notice that every now and then a lamp does not switch. How many ‘call-service’ actions can you perform at the same time and could this be the problem of occasionally missing a switch?

it may be possible to place a small delay between the ‘call-service’ actions.

Does anyone here have experience?

greetings, Rempert

If you need to switch multiple lamps at the same time, why not just include all the entity_ids that need switching to a single service call?

Thanks for your response… because of the overview I have all entities in node red together. So for each entity a separate ‘call-service’ node. But I’ll give your solution a try. If that fixes the problem I’m happy enough.


Have you looked at your logs nodered and home assistant? Do you know that the bulbs/switches aren’t dropping offline?

Thanks… No, the lamps are not offline, I can switch them ‘manually’ right after the nodered action.

I’ll take another look at the nodered log files!

I have the exact same problem. For me it happens even with them in the same service call. Even tried making a group with all the devices and calling that group and it does the same thing. Did you ever solve this?