How Often Should I Update

I’m running on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+. I installed it almost a year ago. I’ve been keeping HA up to date by updating it (after checking for breaking changes!) each time I’m notified to do so.

But I never saw anything about updating the OS. This came up in a recent post, and I noticed my was WAY out of date. I took a gamble and ran the update. No problems so far (whew!)

As I type this, the forum software is showing me lots of threads reporting problems updating That sort of makes me nervous.

So, do I need to update regularly? How regularly? Are breaking changes common? Where would I even find them? The HA update notices include a link to breaking changes I can review.

Yes, it’s wise to keep the supervisor updated.

When the production version is updated. It does not update anywhere near as often as home assistant.

No. Supervisor updates genrally dont contain breaking changes.

The Blog post. e.g.

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I thought the supervisor automatically updated itself? Or am I wrong about that?

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i’ve heard it breaks and has to be reconfigred every some many updates as they often re-write thecore and or os

You heard wrong.

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