How safe is DuckDNS


WIth using an LetsEncrypt SSL, how safe is using DuckDNS?

What of the use of duckdns do you think could be unsafe?

Ducksdns does nothing for security. It simply takes your hard to remember public IP address and translates it to an easier to remember domain name.

The SSL cert with letโ€™s encrypt letโ€™s you encrypt your traffic while in transit. This means any passwords or other private information isnโ€™t broadcast for all to see.

Be aware if you are using this method you likely have an open port on your router to allow external access. That is an open door to the world. People and bots will check that door regularly. Be sure you have a very strong password and it is highly recommended to set up two factor authentication.


Do you have any suggestions how I could use an SSL locally without a TLD?

Read the docs!