How to add 433 MHz outlets? (Tellstick)

I finally managed to get both Z-wave and Tellstick working in HA.

I’ve got a couple of cheap 433 MHz self-learning outlets that I would like to use for non-critical applications but I can’t figure out how to add them to HA. My 433 MHz temperature sensors show up nicely in the GUI after I added them to the configuration file but I can’t figure out how to add my switches. Do I have to use Tellcenter to find the codes for each one or is there an easier way?

I usually used tellcenter to generate the codes and then copied them to tellstick.conf
But you should be able to generate the code from HASS as described here:

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@frelev: Thanks, I realize I have been looking at this from the wrong end so to speak, instead of trying to find out what codes are currently used by my outlets I just need to generate new ones and have the outlets learn them.

So, two of my outlets work fine. The third one listened to two codes, the correct one and one of the others. I tried teaching it a new code but it wouldn’t listen. Now it doesn’t respond to any commands… :frowning: