How to add DSMR to new 2021.1.5 installation

Yeah I’m that guy that signs up to ask a single (for now) question. Are there noob-level instructions to add a DSMR (P1 port reader) to HA?

I spun up a (Proxmox) container (Debian) and installed Home Assistant Core per the docs. HA detects our routers and I managed to add the Somfy integration for our sun screens. So I assume HA works correctly.

Per these instructions DSMR Slimme Meter - Home Assistant I should be able to just hit Configuration > Integrations > Add integration and simply choose DSMR from the list, no? But it just isn’t there. I tried to follow this thread Missing integration on docker but no dice.

I know it’s lazy (I did search this forum though) but any tips would be VERY much appreciated.


I have in my integrations

on this version

Screenshot from 2021-10-26 12-23-53

can you update?

Hi, thanks!


Version 2021.1.5
Installation Type Home Assistant Core
Development false
Supervisor false
Docker false
Virtual Environment true
Python Version 3.7.3
Operating System Family Linux
Operating System Version 5.4.128-1-pve
CPU Architecture x86_64

Am I way ahead of you with my 1.5 or .9.1 versions and hopelessly behind?

Behind by 10 months

10 months only? :smiley:

My bad. For the record: I’ve created a Debian 11 container, with Python 3.9 and am now happily viewing the DSMR info on my 2021.10.6 version of Home Assistant. Incidentally it wasn’t entirely clear to me that HA wasn’t up to date but just as up to date as my python version would have it.

Glad you got it working

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I’d replace HA Core with HA Container, much easier when it comes to updates! :wink:

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That looks nice! I’d have to look into that.