Missing integration on docker

Hi Everybody,

With the new f-droid app released I wanted to give home-assistant a try.
My setup consist of a Synology 918+ with an aeon z-wave stick pluged into it, and a P1 cable that goes to my smart meter. I installed the docker container according to [this guide] (https://www.home-assistant.io/docs/installation/docker/) where I ran the docker from the terminal to give it access to both USB ports.

Z-Wave worked immediately! I don’t know who to thank, but that used to be my biggest problem so I’m very impressed it works out-of-the-box. Next I tried to install the DSMR integration but it does not show up when I try to “add integration”. I do find something called “smart meter texas”.

Same thing for the onkyo integration it doesn’t show up.

Some searching online showed that I might need a button “hass.io” below “developer tools” but it is not there. The button below “developer tools” is “configuration” in my case.

Hopefully someone can help me fix this.

Did you add the relevant lines to configuration.yaml as mentioned in the docs?

Same question, did you follow the docs?

No, that’s not correct, also this “button” is now called supervisor not hass.io. This would be needed to install add-ons.

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Thank you! I did not expect to have to manually edit a .yaml file, but now that I did the onkyo already works. So I’m confident the DSMR will work soon aswell.

Always read the focumentation for your integration first.

HA is currently in a transition to move condiguration for device integrations from YAML to UI. Lots of integrations can already be configured through the UI and each release more and more get added, but it’s not so easy to implement this, therfore it’s “only” 5-6 integrations (of over 1500) that get added per release.

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It’s also worth saying that many integrations may stay YAML only, the standards only require UI setup from some integration types.

DSMR now works too. Thanks again!