How to add media player element?

Hey there,
I have HASSos running on a raspberry pi 4 with a pair of speakers hooked up to the 3.5mm headphone jack.

I need to play TTS notifications through them, but there’s no media player element showing up. How do I add one?

I tried installing VLC with the settings suggested in the docs, but while it lets me bring up a VLC window via the addon, there still doesn’t seem to be a selectable media player element anywhere, such as when I go to configure the TTS notification automation. The dropdown just shows “No media player element available.”

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Are you using that addon?

In that case you need the vlc telnet integration:

As installing and configuring the VLC add-on and a Telnet addon really the simplest way to let Home Assistant play a basic TTS sound through the headphone jack? I honestly don’t know, myself, but it seems like overkill.

Is there a simpler way to get TTS audio to play that my lack of knowledge here is causing me to miss?


What docs are those then?

Ask, get an answer, say its too complex. I wonder why people do this?

Also VLC-telnet is not an addon. It is an integration.

I asked if there was a simpler way, which is different than a condescending, made up “too complex” strawman. I asked to be respectful of Dennis’ time, in case my use of VLC was was the wrong direction to begin with. I asked because adding extra connections such as telnet just to play a sound, increases the attack surface from a security POV, and I wanted to make sure it was necessary.

I asked because I am trying to learn. Does that answer your question?

Anyway, thank you @dennis84de for your help. It was and is appreciated.

My interpretation (as someone who has been lurking for a while, trying to keep my own configuation as simple as possible, hoping to learn one step at a time) is that HASS OS is intended as a server configuration with no directly connected hardware.

If you are intending to add Speech-To-Text (i.e. voice control) you should probably look at a separate RasPi Zero or similar to connect the microphone and speakers to.

Ok, good to know. Thanks!

I get it, but in a scenario where the network is down, nothing would work. I’m trying to limit the points of failure. If the device has the ports on them why not use them?

I finally figured mine out after seeing this thread:

install local vlc then telnet