How to add new Action LSC power plug energy monitor to HA?

The new LSC Smart Connect power plugs have an energy meter that can be read with the Smart Life app. However, I have not yet managed to integrate this data (power, voltage and current) into Home Assistant via Local Tuya.

I see that the new smart plug uses two IP addresses.

That’s why Local Tuya also detects two devices where I assume that 1 is the switch (that works fine in HA) and the second represents a sensor.

I offcourse need to get the local key from this discovered device to enable integration into local tuya/home assistant.
Has anyone managed to add the device ID of the energy monitor in If so, how?

I found the answer to my own question. The Voltage, Current and Power can be set as attributes of the switch entity. Using the API explorer > Device Control > Query Things Data Model I found the mapping.
Current Voltage = 20
Current Powerconsumption = 19
Current Current = 18

In local Tuya the second configuration screen looks like this:

Abd with result like this:

Hope this will help others.

Better solution is to add sensors to the device while setting up the device in Local Tuya because you are then able to change the scaling factor.
Current : scaling factor 1
Power: scaling factor 0.1
Voltage: scaling factor 0.1

You then get the seperate entities as part of the device:


How did you add the individual entities to the sensor card en waar can i find the scaling factor?

When you edit the device in local tuya, there should be an option to add extra entities (all the way at the bottom of the dialog)

Check that option and press submit. In the next screen select sensor
Press submit and fill in the form
Press submit and again repeat by selecting sensor but uncheck ‘do not add any more entities’
Press submit and fill in the form
Press submit and add the last sensor entity but uncheck ‘do not add any more entities’
Press submit and again fill in the form
Press submit and in the next screen leave the check in place
Press submit again and you should be ready
In local tuya select the device properties

And add the created entities to the preferred dashboard.

Remark: To make it easy to find the entities, it is recommended to include the name of the device in the friendly name. For example: “Smartplug Generiek Voltage”.

You might have to restart HA also

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Hi, struggling to get this right. The plug has been added but current, voltage and power entities missing. And unfortunately I do not understand what you mean with ‘local tuya’. The phone app? Or somewhere in HA? I can’t find the option "add more entitities in edit device mode’. Thanks.

@ngauruhoe Local Tuya is an integration that you can add to HA. There are some spin-offs (forks) from this that are maintained. Also you could try Tuya Local which is another spin-off.

It was a challenge but I finally got HACS en LocalTuya installed. I found the “add more entities” option and added Current, Power and Voltage. As can be seen in the uploaded screenshot.
However, if I now display the plug “This device has no entities” is displayed. Previously there was the on/off switch control but that has gone too now. Where did I go wrong?

I don’t know why but all of a sudden they are all there.

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There’s one more thing. The Smart Plug also reports Daily and Monthly kW. How can I add these as well? See screenshots.

I also was wondering what the reasoning behind the entity numbering is (18: Current,…etc.).

Thanks again.


The following ‘numbers’ are available. I guess 2 of these are daily and monthly. Perhaps there’s a Total as well? But which is which?


The values are not included in the mapping but might be calculated from the other parameters - I never looked at that.

Ok, Thank you!