How to add VLC into my Hassio?

I use command line
"sudo apt-get install vlc-nox",
“sudo usermod -a -G audio homeassistant”,
but no sudo with Hassio.
How to add VLC into my Hassio?

Hassio uses Alpine, so just apk add vlc should work.

I tried. no worked.

Curious about this too. Using the SSH addon for hassio, there’s no apt-get or usermod as far as I can tell. Has anyone successfully installed VLC with hassio?

It is not possible to install packages on You’ll need to create an add-on to run an application besides Home Assistant:

It is not possible to have applications interact directly with Home Assistant. You can have add-ons communicate via MQTT

it works on my pi 3B ,thanks

in ubuntu and other linux

the problem is alsa!! e.g. sudo apt-get install vlc-nox and alsa-utils in HAdocker
the alsa Mutes individual channels by default . use alsamixer to available sounds

Now it is possible!

You can install VLC on your hassio system using this add-on:

And control it using the vlc-telnet integration:


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