How to APsystems Modell EZ1-M monitoring


I have an APsystems EZ1-M inverter, which has WLAN and Bluetooth on board. I would like to transfer the data from the system to Home Assistant. As far as I have seen, no ECU is compatible with the inverter. Does anyone here have any ideas?



I have the same Issue and no solution. Listening for your Feedback.


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Same here. It’s a really good inverter and the app is working good too.

But I want integrate it in my home assistant

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Same, yesterday my solarpanels arrived with the EZ1 micro converter. Wants it too in Home Assistant.


I am interested in this inverter as well but I am still doing some research on how to integrate this in Home Assistant. I have already contacted APSystems but have no reply yet. Is there not something like an api available or web interface (since it has Wifi)?

Not really related to this thread, but can you also tell me where you have bought this inverter?

according to this YT channel there is an web API in the works and release expected soon


But, if I understand it correctly, it is an API working with the server in China, not a local API.