How to Bind?

How does binding work with ZHA?? I had a remote bound to a bulb last night, but now I can’t figure out how I got it to work! I’m not coming across any documentation on this process anywhere. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

I was also yet unable to use the binding, I have used automations for my bulbs and zha events from my remotes. I think this is not yet final to some reading, but not 100% sure.

I‘m also looking for zha config on another topic but unable to find, let me know if you find more information on the binding.

Currently doing the same. automations.yaml has become quite unwieldy!

I tried it just now, but I‘m not sure about what groups do and what to set for binding, after pressing bind nothing really changes.

I like zha, as it is native in HA, but the documentation is very spare, I would help with that but unsure where to find the relevant information on github. If anyone knows would welcome some guidance…

Good News, even if it looks like it is not bind, it works now. Got my wireless remote 5 button now bind to a color bulb and to a zha group, which I thought I deleted, Strange

Not sure where we should see the binding of remotes to devices and groups

Really? How did you do it? I’ve had no feedback from ZHA AND no results.

you go into the remote you want to bind and select the device and bind it. I have not understood how to bind a group yet. Also it seems unbinding I have not done right.

I had to remove the remote otherwise I cannot unbind. What is also bad with usage of binding, is that the status in HA is not reflected properly anymore. So will stick to automations for now.

Will play around and let you know, once I have more info.

Any luck yet, @ha_frw?

no real progress, using bind you do not see the update back in HA, so I went back to automation. Not happy with bindings as they work yet.

Another user has tried to explain the process here. I hope it helps your scenario (didn’t work for the remote I had). How to setup Lutron connected remote using ZHA?

Please post back your results.

Would be interested in seeing this work as well, automations are really clunky to set up, brightness up / down is not animated, some button presses are just skipped and I don’t really get how I can adjust color temperature (I guess I need to create scenes for that?).

I will try to create a group and bind to that as suggested here:

Edit: none of it worked, and now even my automations don’t work anymore. I’ll probably switch to Zigbee2MQTT to see if that works out better.

I am also trying to find out how this binding works…
I have two tradfri devices:

  • Tradfri ON/OFF Switch - Model E1743
  • Tradfri Control Outlet - Model E1603

When i go to the “on/of switch” device, manage clusters and then to the section Device Binding i am able to select the control outlet…
Press “Bind”, then nothing happens.
I know the “on/of switch” is a battery powered device, but what to do next? (i’ve pressed all the buttons several times (to wake it up so to speak), but still nothing.

I really would like to have this binding works, then the ‘connection’ between the switch and the outlet do not have to rely on HA.

Anyone knows?

I was able to "bind’ them together via the “normal IKEA method” (pressing the small button at the inside for 10s near the outlet i want to bind to) … and that works.
But the device status of the outlet is not reflected back to HA.

With Zigbee2MQTT i didn’t have this problem. (Had other problems with stability, thats why i try this switch over to ZHA.