How to block zwave js addon from getting auto installed and activated

Short question (i hope)
i run home assistant using the vm image so with supervisor and addons.
how can i block home asistant from auto installing the official zwave js addon and block it from getting changed to auto start at each boot of the vm?

reason is that i use zwave2mqtt instead and i cant have two addons competing for same serial port.

Go to add integrations and choose zwave_js and uncheck the box that says “use Zwave_js Supervisor add-on”… that worked for me without deleting anything… then you should be able to enter ws://a0d7b954-zwavejs2mqtt:3000/ as mentioned in the zwavejs2mqtt docs page there.

z-wave js integration on the system options for it?
all i have there is “Enable newly added entities.”
thats the only on/off type option i can find.
clicking on just configure brings up the “Manage your Z-Wave Network” screen only.

Remove the integration, remove the Zwavejs addon (Don’t remove zwave2mqtt).

Re add the integration and the first pop up has a tick for using the official addon, make sure it is un ticked.


ok, i see.
was hoping it would be possible to not have to remove the integration and readd it
will removing and adding the integration screw up the entity_ids?

a more general comment about the entity_ids and home assistant, i find it a bit annoying that they are always auto generated and in some cases there is little control over what names a given device or entity gets so i end up having to come up with my own remapping table in notepad and then go over all automations and scripts which is not too fun.

I did not have to remove it… hamburger menu… configuration > integrations > add integration > zwave_js > uncheck first box that comes up about supervisor add-on… enter ws://a… whatever as mentioned above and in zwave2mqtt docs… and hit submit … that stopped it from auto starting for me

I have switched back and forth between zwave_js add-on and zwavejs2mqtt add-on multiple times without redoing my entities after the initial time

as i suspected all names and entity id numbers got totaly screwed up and now i have to redo yet again many things.
will end up having to do a search and replace thru groups, automations, scripts and lovelace settings :frowning:

would have been a lot easier if the first checkbox when adding integration was available as a system option for the integration itself and not a onetime thing.

have you found a way of doing that?
I need to temporarily switch from ZwaveJS to ZwaveJS2MQTT to re-interview some nodes Migration to Zwave JS - how to reinterview sleeping devices unfortunately i havent unchecked that box when adding the integration.

Just go to Integrations and add Zwave JS again… uncheck that box and it will apply that to your existing integration and not actually create a new one.