How to compile esphome on a Pi 3

Today I wanted to add a wemos d1 mini with ds18b20 temperature sensors to home assistant. So, after installing the add-on I fired off the compilation for my new device (just the default config).

However a few minutes into the compilation home assistant just crashed.
From google I found the following 2 pages.
1: My issue.

2: Looks quite similar

So from what I understood is that a Pi 3 simply does not have enough RAM to compile esphome. Now I could try to increase the SWAP space as described here but that does not “feel” right.

Can someone tell me how I can compile this or do I simply have to wait for my home assistant yellow and place my Pi 4 with 4GB or RAM in order to make this work?

The equipment I have:

  • Chromebook (with Linux and Android)
  • Windows laptop
  • Pi 2

Can I run the compilation on one of those or do I really have to wait?

You can use the chromebook or the windows laptop.

personally I do increase the swap file with 2GB, and yes, I’m waiting for the yellow as well :wink:

before that, I compiled with windows, that was about a year ago, So I can’t give you any hints right now.
but it’s possible

What I know is, Increasing the swap file and deploying from HA is way easier.

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