How to configure Honeywell?

Home Assistant tells me I need to reconfigure Honeywell, however the configuration prompt does not tell me what information it needs. The documentation for the integration simply says " * Follow the instruction on screen to complete the set up." However, again, the prompt does not tell me what information it needs. Instead, it’s just an empty input box with no other information.

Does anyone know what information I should provide? Thanks

Have you tried the credentials (username & password) that you use for the Honeywell Total Connect Comfort App?

I have not encountered this problem, but looking at your input box it has an “eye” icon which is usually used for entering passwords, so my guess is that the integration attempted to login to your account and it failed, so is now asking for a password.

I just tried adding this (I have it already setup), and it asks for my username and password as well.

Thanks. I had thought about that, but as there was only one box, it wasn’t clear what to input or in what format. Turns out it just needed the password.

Did you figure this out, I am having the same issue after updating home assistant to 2023.2.5

See solution in post #3

The integration requires periodic reauthentication, prompting me to input my password again regularly. Any idea if this can be automated to authenticate without needing to manually re-enter the password?

I think your issue may be related to this:

Honeywell has had issues lately with their site going off line.

Right now my answer is wait, and it will come back.