How to configure the Philips Hue wall module to use push button (momentary) type wall switches [ZHA]

OK, here’s the meat of the meat and potatoes:

Hue wall modules ship by default prepared to handle a single rocker. Momentary switches, when connected to the Hue module, generate two “left button pressed” events instead of one. This is obviously bad because now you need to add debouncing to your automations.

What you must configure is the ZigBee attribute mode (0x0034 or #52 in base ten) of the PhilipsBasicCluster cluster. For a single push button, the mode should be 1. For two push buttons connected to the module, the mode should be 3. Go to your ZHA device clusters page and set the attribute there. You may have to push the wall switch button right before you click on Set ZigBee attribute, otherwise your Hue module will be asleep and ignore the command.

The full guide with screenshots is here.

I hope this saves other HA / ZHA users a lot of time. I literally racked my brains for days as I searched online for this information, and only reading source code got me to a point where I could finally fix the configuration in these (otherwise very nice) Hue modules.

This will not work if your Hue modules are integrated through the Hue integration. This is only meant for ZHA ZigBee integration users.


Hi Rudd-O,
first, thank you for documenting your work. I dont know if im blind or i am missing something, i have HomeAssistant with a few Wall modules connected and already have a problem with step4. i dont find any cluster settings like in your description. Can you give me a short nudge in the right direction? thank you.

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Sorry but the screenshot you posted does not show the Hue module being used through the ZHA integration — this is a Hue integration device. This tutorial will not work for you. You need to either add your Hue modules via a ZHA-compatible ZigBee stick, or follow the official Hue instructions and use the app.

Thanks @Rudd-O :heart: :pray:

This really saved me a lot of time. I was just about to start checking the code of other projects supporting RDM001.

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I am very happy to hear this helped you. I hope to continue helping others in the community :slight_smile:

Stay tuned. I am making a gas cylinder scale — right now doing the math for the temperature compensation.

I don‘t know what I‘m doing wrong - but I can‘t overwrite the value.

I see

But can’t change it to 2

Erase the value in the textbox and change it to 2.

Can’t do it? Please post a screenshot.


While i get a success notification the value stay the same

Firmware of the wall module: 0x0000041a
Zigbee Coordinator : Conbee 2

nevermind, it actually worked if you replace it with “2” not just the last character.

You just have to type 2. No need for the enum undefined junk.

Is it also possible to set the pulse dimmer to dim the philips hue lights via home assistant?

The dimmer is a different piece of hardware to the switch. This trick will not work for that.

I was able to set the wall module to enum8.undefined_0x03 for two pushbuttons (in ZHA with Skyconnect). But I get strange events.

I made a video

What is wrong?

Thank you @Rudd-O. Found this just before I was about to move my wall modules from Hue app to HA and could immediately apply this.
Do you also happen to know if and if so which clusters need to be adjusted for other settings like double click and the way Philips configures these modules to either toggle on/of or change scenes?

When I had these connected to Hue app, multiple clicks changed scenes, but in HA I only everytime get the exact same events listening to events from zha_event so lights only toggle on every click now.

I’m not familiar with other clusters, but I do know that in HA I get distinct events “long release”, “short release” and “short press” which I can use to decide what to do when long pressing.

Did you find a solution for this in the meantime?

I was looking for this for a while now. Thank you for describing it.

The improve your blog post, please show a screenshot without “enum.undefined…” when changing the mode. Else it does not work when writing the updated mode.

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Thanks. I will soon.

Hello all,

im new to HA and I am working into moving my Hue devices to the SkyConnect Stick (via ZHA). I am facing the same issues with the Hue wall switch. I was able to connect it to the new Zigbee network but I allways get an error when I am trying to change the config to dual rocker mode. I can not set the value to 3.

What am I doing wrong?