How to connect the mobile app to a HA instance?

I use the PWA-compatible web site to connect to HA (0.115.3) on my mobile. It works fine but I wanted to give a try to the official native app.

To do so I tried to connect to HA but got the following error message:


It says that it is not possible to register the app and to check whether the integration mobile_app is active on the HA instance.

According to, I have mobile_app: in configuration.yaml. I also tried to add the mobile_app integration in HA, but got the error:


It is kind of a catch22: HA asks me to configure on the mobile, and the mobile asks me to configure on HA.

What is the correct way to integrate the mobile app?

I believe the integration can be added using the GUI.
Is it shown there?

You will find all the information you need here;