How to control Philips Hue Led (in wall socket) with a physical light switch, through KNX with Home Assistant?

Hi, I want to use my physical light switch to control a Philips Hue Ledstrip (which is plugged into a wall socket). The physical light switch is connected to KNX. I have a KNX IP Gateway, which is integrated in Home Assistant.
In my current setup, when I use the physical switch, the power to the wall socket is either turned on or off. But for my Hue to properly work, the power does not need to be cut completely. What I want is that a push on the physical light switch gives a signal to Home Assistant (via the KNX-IP Gateway) but without KNX cutting the power completely.
With the desired setup I would be able to control the ledstrip using the physical switch, or just the same with the Home Assistant app. So independently from each other.
Is there a way to achieve this?

Yes, sure. But you’d need to remove the association between your wall switch and the switching actuator cutting the power of the lamp in ETS.
Then either use an automation, or one of the blueprints made for that (including stepwise dimming).

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You don’t mention if your switch and your light socket are hardwired together.

If they are, you’ll need to either rewire so the socket is fed to a permanent live, or else use a switch which supports decoupled mode.

You’ve essentially run into the smart switch + smart lights issue, about which there are multiple posts.


Thx, I’m a complete newbie (to HA and Knx), so just to be sure I understand what you’re saying: can I remove the association between wall switch and switching actuator purely in ETS, so without touching hardware?

Yes exactly. That’s the idea behind Knx.

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Thx! Is there an example I could find somewhere on how to remove the association between wall switch and switching actuator in ETS?

Maybe try the ETS tutorial courses at
KNX: Log in to the site

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