How to convert hours to days, weeks etc in 2023

Hi, I am aware that this is not a new question and that it has been covered in other posts, but the reason for my post is to ask if there is a quick / better / native way to convert time in 2023, a lot of work has been done around helpers recently, so is there something “easy” or is it still a case of messing about with some code, jinja, template (all stuff I don’t understand :joy:)

I recently stumbled upon a great “plugin” from Petro. It’s not really a plugin, it is a collection of Jinja macros to do all things with time. :slight_smile:

You should take a look at it:

Looks like you will have to learn it because it’s still the primary tool for converting data (like date and time) from one form to another.

If you describe exactly what you want to do (including the entities you have that report date and time), we can provide examples.