How to create event in Local Calendar

The Local Calendar - Home Assistant was introduced in 2022.12
I created a calendar to see how I can make it useful. Step 1 would be adding an event to the calendar.

It’s most likely just me and probably something simple, but how can I create a new calendar item/event?

I don’t see an icon, clicking the day doesn’t do anything. I tried it on Windows with Firefox and Edge and the Companion App on iOS. I’ve checked the doc but there is nothing on how to add an event.

That’s what I expected/thought, but :frowning:


  1. Add integration
  2. Local Calendar
  3. Enter a name for the calendar

Never did anything with a calendar before, don’t know of that’s of any influence.
I also noticed that I have 3 calender views and you (as does the example in the release notes) have 4

I’ve had the same problem! The documentation is useless, and even searching for “adding events to Local Calendar” (and similar searches) turns up nothing. I guess it’s so intuitively obvious that there’s no need to show people how to use the new feature.

Looking at the screenshot of Tom, it should be very intuitive. However, it looks like something is wrong, but I don’t know what. I hope someone has a clue.

But you wrote you had the same problem. Where you able to fix it?

If you want to add event in the calendar you have to use the view in the sidebar. The calendar card does not (today) allow adding events but eventually you might since it a work in progress.


Wow, I totally missed that it was added to sidebar. I just added it as a card.


I cannot mark your post as the solution, will do it once I am at my computer.

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I’d also really like this feature to be available elsewhere in HA.

I’ve added an NFC tag to a medication container that increments a counter in HA when a phone is tapped on it. The counter is then reset every day. I can view the history to see when it was last changed but a Local Calendar card showing whether or not it was pressed today and when would be much more helpful.

How can I create events in the local calendar with an automation? Like the user above, I was hoping to use it to track medications.

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Currently, there’s no service call available for adding a scheduled event.

I also wish we could create an event to the calendar using an automation.

Hydro-Québec, our electricity company, notifies us by email about peak periods.

Using IMAP Email Content I can parse the time period from the body but then I can’t create an event automatically in the Local Calendar.

It’s in development:


That is great to hear. For me that will solve the problem to create events via a service. It is half solution to my challenge. The second thing which is important is to be able to enumerate existing events via service.
What I would like to achieve is to have a simple way to show for instance when the last time I changed the litterbox of the cat. (Have a button which I press when it got replaced, show the time on the dashboard - 8 days ago).
Also it is a great tool to create an event for every power outage. U could see visually when and how long the blackout lasted (yep I have ups in every critical infra so can create events on those periods too :slight_smile: ), or we where away from the house.
I know I can play with history stats, counters etc but this would be much more straightforward since I can build dashboard information from those and can put it out visually as a calendar.

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Is there a way to create an event which is repeating for example every 9 days? In the new event pop up I have only repeat yerly, monthly, weekly and daily which is not very flexible :frowning:

Yes. Set to Daily and choose 9 for the Repeat interval. It implements nearly all of RFC 5545: Internet Calendaring and Scheduling Core Object Specification (iCalendar) but not secondly and hourly. I disagree with you, it’s quite flexible :slight_smile:

I feel like idiot now. I did not try to set it daily to see there is more setting to it. I just reckoned that daily meant every day :smiley:

Now I agree, it is really flexible, just as I need. thanks

The service calendar.create_event is now available in 2023.2.1 which enables, in my case, an automation to populate events in a local calendar from an external data source.
How can I read the existing events from a local calendar? How can I make my automation can execute multiple times and not duplicate events?

Currently, Home Assistant doesn’t provide a native method for finding all existing events. In other words, nothing is available to tell you all of the events scheduled for today (or tomorrow or any other day in the future).

The Calendar Trigger can report the moment when a scheduled event occurs, or if you use the Calendar Trigger’s offset option, it can report in advance of the scheduled event (example: 4 hours in advance).

There’s a custom integration that finds all scheduled events but I don’t recall its name (and I have no experience with it). Maybe someone who uses it can post its name and explain its features.

As @123 mentioned you can use the Hass Calendar Add-On to access the data of events beyond the next scheduled event.

Can you clarify what you are asking here?

Sure: in a scheduled automation, with an external data source I want to sync the local calendar with, I cannot make the assumption my automation will successfully execute exactly-once for each event: I need to get events from the calendar to verify if I already added the event and, eventually, delete it.