How to customise HomeKit sensor

Howdy all!

So I’m relatively new to Home Assistant, my programming skills are extremely limited (so please, bare with me), struggled a bit with the HomeKit integration until all that got finally sorted.

Regarding the vacuum integration, binary_sensor.irobot_bin_full is passing onto HomeKit as an occupancy sensor, and in the Home app bin full turns into room occupied.
So it makes sense as I’ve looked into the docs of HomeKit Integration and at supported components I see that binary_sensor defaults to occupancy.

I believe this should be instead treated as a switch, where bin_full true or false, and preferably not as device tracker / person.

Since it seems to me that on Home Assistant dashboard the sensor is treated adequately, Is it possible to manipulate only how this it passed to HomeKit?

Also, I’m really sorry for my ignorance but in the HomeKit Integration - resetting
section, it says:

You may use the service homekit.reset_accessory with one or more entity IDs to reset accessories whose configuration may have changed. This can be useful when changing a media player’s device class to tv , linking a battery, or whenever Home Assistant adds support for new HomeKit features to existing entities.

How? :joy: how in the world do I use the service homekit.reset_accessory? Does that go on the configuration somewhere?
And by the way, if I remove a bridge from the Home app and want to add it again, where do I see the QR code again??? where?? :joy:

Anyway thanks guys Home Assistant is really super and I’m sure when I get a hold of this it will be mind blowing. :ok_hand:

Already found how to call the service.