How to downgrade Home Assistant?


I’m running on a Debian box with / docker.

Since upgrading from 0.106.x to 0.107.1 earlier today, home assistant will only work for a short period of time.

If I reboot the box, it works fine - next time I go to use it, the homeassistant container isn’t running.

I’ve not had chance to debug yet - can I easily downgrade back to 0.106 until i’ve got chance to take a proper look, or an updated version comes out.



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Note that the reference @silvrr linked to works fine for Home Assistant, but last time I did this for hassio I had to use:

hassio ha core update --version=x.y.z

See this thread:

Note that things may have changed - as they do weekly with HA

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I run my HA remotely after renting my house.
Is it safe to perform version change using the terminal add on?

Or should I use a genuine ssh login and do it that way?

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Personally I use the Terminal & SSH add-on from the official add-ons repository, the web based terminal saves you having a client so you can do stuff from your phone or tablet.

This is the one you have linked above.

But the best option is to take a snapshot before upgrade. Especially in your case where you have full access after upgrade. I have used the snapshot in the worst case scenario of a full rebuild after failed upgrade (well before they had safe-mode).

Hi, just did it and your code gave me:
The ‘hassio’ command is deprecated, please use the ‘ha’ instead!

So the one that has been working is
ha core update --version=0.116.4

And if anybody is interested: in Hassio supervisor, I went to add-on store, then installed this addon “Terminal & SSH”. Started it and re-typed the code above.


Thanks for the current syntax - rolled back to 0.116.4 perfectly!

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Ok I am able to run the command but what version do I use to get back to 2021.12?

Thank you. I was able to revert to 2022.6.7 to get my bluetooth integration working again after the 2022.7.1 had a breaking change.

ha core update --version=2022.6.7

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