How to figure out why HA crashed?

Hi, folks,

My HA simply stopped working at around 4am local time last night. I had to cut the power and reboot hard to restore connectivity (I operate headless on RPI 4). I have very small number of add-ons and nothing fancy / known to be problematic. However, I have a whole bunch of window / door sensors that are in the wrong positions and I can’t access them all (some are under control of another party). So such unexpected crashes are a problem and I’m trying to keep the setup as stable as possible.

Obviously, the logs from before the crash are all gone (or at least I cannot located them).

Is there any way to figure out systematically what caused the crash?

  • Core2024.1.6
  • Supervisor2024.03.1
  • Operating System12.1
  • Frontend20240104.0


Start here.


Nice. The cookbook.

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Just to close the topic: the SSD crashed. It’s a cheap SSD and it looks like it would be a good idea to invest more into the drive. There were no power outages or unplanned shutdowns, so I suspect the drive quality problems.

Thanks for the help.

Just for you to know - 4am (4:12 to be exact) is when HA purges the database and removes recorder entries older than 10 days by default.

Your SSD must have not liked the data being removed and packed up.