How to get the pairing code for YeelightColorBulb-DE50?

Just bought a YeelightColorBulb-DE50, but failed to add to Home Assistant.

It can be discovered by HA as “HomeKit Accessory: YeelightColorBulb-DE50”, but when I attempt to CONFIGURE it, it will ask me to provide the Pairing Code for HomeKit.

According to this post (HomeKit Accessory Discovered), it seems that the pairing code can be found in homekit device such as ecobee. However, I don’t have any homekit at my home, and I can’t find any Pairing Code from Yeelight or Mi Home app.

I have also try to remove the light from Yeelight and Mi Home app, but it still require to enter the pairing code.

I have also added the device via IP in configuration.yaml, but it is still not available.

      name: Study Yeelight

May I know where I can found the pairing code for adding it into HA? Thanks.

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The pairing code seems OK, but it cannot be added.

  1. If I connected to mi home first, it will have the error “Device refused to add pairing as it is already pairing with another controller.”

  2. If I remove it from mi home, home assistant cannot detect it. Maybe the bulb is no longer connected to the network (also no response in IP ping) if it is removed from mi home.

Need to connect the bulb to network without using mi home / yeelight app, or homekit device.

I had the same problem here using the Mi Home App. I solved it by removing the app, resetting the device and linking it with the Yeelight App. Then Home Assistant discovered it and I was able to use the 8 digit pairing code on the lamp/bulb successfully.