How to hack Tuya device definition in HA (Tuya cloud integration)

I had some issues with Tuya devices recently in HA, as many others

I did several restarts and reloads, not knowing what really helped or not. Now all devices work correctly again, except two wifi switches.

I own 4 of these tuya wifi switches, almost identical : Two are OK, two are not.

In the HA diagnostics, I see in the Tuya data section:
Working devices :
product_name: Wi-Fi Smart Switch
product_id : dijodvatrsuoo5aq

Non properly working devices:
product_name: name: Switch
product_id: bh5X1lLgLopti7GD

In the homeassistant section of the diagnostics, the only difference is device_class : null for the working ones and outlet for the non-working ones. The switches are definitively not outlets !

How can I hack the device data in HomeAssistant to change device_class (and/or product_id) to try if it fixes the issues I face ?