How to make changes in <head> tag in polymer front end

hey there ,i am looking for the file containing tag in front end ,i checked all the files in ‘src’ and ‘pannel’ in home-assistant-polymer directory. please help

If I’m correct it’s this file:

BTW, I’ve got a feature request open to allow meta info to be added to

Please vote for it if it’d help you avoid manually editing your Polymer code.

thanks a lot ,was looking for this file only!! ,had one more question ,where to find manifest.json ? i wanted to change the theme-color value,as i change the theme-color to - meta name=“theme-color” content=“red” but it dint effect the color of address bar.

I don’t think the manifest.json file is present in the GitHub repo somewhere (I used the find files feature).
My best guess would be that it gets created HA is getting installed and the frontend is being setup.