How to manually enter date and time

I would like to create an automation which I would like to use to update gas and energy price when notified by operator.
So, I have created six number helpers (low energy tariff, high energy tariff, gas - both for current and new tariff) and one “Date and/or time” helper configured as What do you want to input > Date and time.

When opening the helper in Settings->Devices&services->Helpers then clicking on the helper, in the tab Info I can see only field to enter the time, but not date.
The same happens when I add the item to glance or entity card in dashboard.
Is there a way to enter the date as well?

I am on version 11.4 and use a date helper and this allows me to select … ‘dates’
With then 2022.12 version a local calendar is introduced which might be more helpfull as it could combine all in one calendar overview but… I have not yet installed .12 due the flood of complaints wrt to coloring (and other) since yesterday…and I would advice to wait unlesss you like a bit of risk :slight_smile:


Thank you, I had an impression everything has worked as intended few days ago, when I’ve written this automation. I’ll check the issues list on github then.

Not sure what issues you had but my datehelper has been there for a while. The one thing I am (!) interested in, is this local calednar. Since a short while there is already a Schedule helper but this covers weekly …donot get me wrong, this is already great but to be able to schedule tasks with a local calendar instead of cumbersome google or … still QED but I have good hopes

This is a known issue in HA 12.0. A bug report has been filed and a fix implemented. We just need to await the update to be rolled out…

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