How to modify Phillps Hue Motion Sensor motion threshold and light sensitivity level settings?

I noticed some interesting attributes in the Phillips Hue motion sensor and light sensor… How can change the sensitivity level and threshold settings shown in the attributes below? …or, are these attributes read-only? If these attributes are read-only, how can I change these settings?



Hi, such a nice question!
But i am newbee and i am unable to respond you.
I would try to change those settings also.
I have find everytrhing and nothing about it.
Only thing, its to configure sensitivity with HUE App.
I have only HUE Bridge to communicate to HA. But i dont have any HUE lights… Thus i am unable to configure sensitivity on HUE App…
Have you solved your issue your self? And how?
Thx in advance

Welcome to the community Xavi!

Unfortunately, I ended up returning my Phillips Hue motion sensor. So, I never learned how to do this.

If you are using the hue hub, as many people do. You can change the settings in the Hue App. If you are using it as a ZHA/Zigbee device, it’s much more complicated

This is an old thread but this is what worked for me to change the sensitivity. There should be a much easier way to do this.

Configuration → Devices → [My motion sensor] → Manage Clusers →
Cluster : set to 'OccupancyCluster (Endpoint id: 2, Id: 0x0406, Type: in)'
Cluser attributes attribute : set 'sensitivity (id: 0x0030)'
Cluser attributes value : 0 (can be 0…4 I think, least sensitive to most sensitive)
Click ‘Set zigbee attribute’


Can this still be done?

I’m looking at the config->devices->[My Sensor] and all I can see are the Illuminance, Motion and Temperature sensors plus switches for the first two and a battery and zigbee diagnostics

Where do I see manage clusters?hue-motion-device

Hi, yes it’s still possible, but you must pair your sensor to a ZigBee coordinator and not use the HUE integration… Then you should have a “manage clusters” menu:

If you use the HUE integration you can set the sensitivity of the sensor in the Philips Hue app.

Also for the Philips Hue indoor motion sensor (SML001 - 003) the max sensitivity is 2 (4 for the outdoor sensor)

Thanks. I may have to invest in a zigbee controller.

Thank you!!! This worked perfectly.
I was getting ready to return the motion sensor.

Is there an outdoor zigbee motion sensor that would be recommended over this one from Hue?

Hi @deamon

I am running a RaspBeeII device with Phoscon-GW coordinator, in my HA it says “Connected via Phoscon-GW” in the Device info. The only option I have is “Download Diagnostics” there are no other options like in your screenshot above, also not “Manage Clusters”.

Do you know how I can get these options, or if I can run some other coordinator SW with my RaspBeeII device?


How did you added your device to your coordination? Via the ZHA integration?

Via the deConz/Phoscon-GW integration.

I guess that’s the reason… I’m not sure…
Maybe with ZHA would give you access to the clusters that deconz doesn’t.

Not sure of this as I do not use deconz…

FWIW I am using the Deconz integration. I was able to change the sensitivity by clicking on the shortcut within the HA gui and choosing “deCONZ” (not Phoscon). Then find & select the motion sensor, click on the “Cluster Info” tab, select the “Occupancy Sensing” section under the sensor and in the left hand side “Cluster Info” section under “Philips Specific” you can click on the Sensitivity entry and change that as required then write the change to the sensor. Mine was set to the default of “2” - I’ve changed it to “1” to see how much of a difference it makes. :slight_smile:

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