How to read response to service call in developer tools

so I am making a service call in the developer tools, but I cannot see the response. In this case, I am sending a lock.get_usercode to troubleshoot a zwave lock, but it is the same for other services. I have tried to see it in the logs under dev tools, and using the log viewer add-on, but they dont show up there. It seems like it should just show up on the same screen when you make the call…

Anyway, how do I see the data received back from the service call?

This sounds like it should be really simple, but I cannot find the answer. probably just making the wrong search query…

Service calls don’t send a response as far as I know, they just call a service. I don’t use a smart lock, but as I understood from this topic:

the service call lock.get_usercode isn’t expected to deliver a response, it’s only needed to to add the lock to home assistant.

The Z-Wave was just an example, but in that case, I believe you are thinking of lock.set_usercode – lock.get_usercode gets an existing one, which means it would need to get a return value with the existing code, I would think… I assume that’s how the zwave cofig options for a lock node show you a slot’s code (although weirdly in bytes, that’s why I was trying to make a service call and see what I got directly)

but anyway, my question was more in general, and maybe you are right, there is no such thing as getting return values. I would think that even commands like light.turn_on or something would get a success or fail return, etc

I read somewhere in this topic that you need to use get_usercode somewhere in the process of adding the lock securly to home assistant, however as I said not really a clue about locks.

Maybe you need to check the Z-Wave logs? Probably the log shows something if you change the level to Debug for this component.

So, my question is still more generally about any service, but as for the zwave part we are discussing, I just noticed something:
If I call get_usercode from services in dev tools, nothing happens in OZW logs, BUT, if I try to set usercode via the Zwave config options, I can see in the OZW logs that it does a get_ usercode, then tries to set user code (in my case with an error). So I guess this is what you read about… apparently it is part of that process o adding a code.
Which makes me wonder also, why is there a homeassistant service for that too

Did you get a solution to display the return from a service call?

It seems it’s dangerous to provide an example, like the lock usercode. People get fixated and miss that you repeatedly said it is a general question.