How to recover from a bad HA update?

I installed the newest HA update (2024.5.5) and it’s in some sort of crash loop. I can’t get to the logs page on the web app to see what’s going on. I have backups, but the machine doesn’t stay up long enough to restore.

Any ideas?

Try to boot in safe mode

General troubleshooting - Home Assistant.

Reinstall Home Assistant then restore.

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This is running on an x86 mini-cpu; is there a way to reinstall without disrupting the data disk (where the backups are stored)?

Big mistake. Big. Huge.

I use the Samba Backup add-on to back up my Home Assistant every night to my NAS. Some use the Google Backup add-on, but I haven’t tried it.
You need to get the .tar file from the Home Assistant backup. It will look something like: /backup/5c54f4a8.tar

Now comes the hard part. Getting to the /backup folder depends on how you installed Home Assistant. If you installed to Docker or in a virtual environment, then someone else will have to help you. If you installed HAOS to the boot device, then getting the files are easy. Sort of.

You can flash Ubuntu Desktop to a thumb drive, boot the thumb drive and select “try” (Not “Install”). Then you should be able to mount the data disk and cd /backup, then use cp to copy the files to the thumb drive.

Reinstall Home Assistant then copy the backup files to the /backup directory. You may have to use the Ubuntu flash drive to reverse the process above. Home Assistant doesn’t make it easy to access the backup files.

Now when you run Home Assistant go to “settings”, “system”, “Backups”, and you should see your backup files.

I did finally get HA recovered after several false starts:

  1. Remember to set the data disk from the console before restoring the backup, or else HA will run out of disk space.
  2. Also remember to reconnect the USB devices (Zigbee, Z-Wave, etc.) before restoring the backup, or else HA will hang doing God knows what.
  3. HA console really needs a pager and doesn’t have one, which makes figuring stuff out a real bear.
  4. HA knows when you’re about to reinstall from scratch, and will magically recover just in time.
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