How to remove unavailable entities?

sincs a while I do have unavailable entities with strange numbers.
I don’t know where they come from?
I searched google, but can not find a solution to remove them?
it says: “Deze entiteit heeft geen unieke ID” (This entity has no unique ID)
How can I remove these from my HA?


In this thread i could’nt find the entities in the named files:

Go to Configuration > Entities
Wait for the list to show up, then click on Status column header twice to filter by Status with unavailable entries showing on top
Select the items you want to delete, then click on Remove Selected

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Thanks for the answer.
This is not possible, because the ID are not known. So your not able to select them to remove.

The other iron is to go through the files in folder. Make sure you make a backup first

Thanks again.
You mean the .storage folder?
I did search this folder already but didn’t find the etities.

I will retry tonight at home.

sorry, was on the move
the folder is .storage
The file(s) you need to look into are:

  • core.device_registry
  • core.entity_registry

As previously stated, make a backup of these files first and tread with caution…

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I did already look into this files, but did not find the entities.
I did search on the long number.
It looks like they are not in these registery files?
Do I need to check on something else?

That’s where they should be. You may still have a known_devices file on your config directory but this has been deprecated a long time ago so I would have thought is not there…

Has this been already deprecated? I believe one of my device trackers Nmap is still using this file.

Well the technical term is that it’s being “phased out”

It’s not fully deprecated yet, hence me advising to have a look at it in case the entity that needs to be removed is in this file…

what will replace this?

What will replace what?
If you meant to ask what will replace the known_devices.yaml file, it’s the files in the .storage folder

thanks. That was my question indeed.
I was afraid that device_trackers would disapear or so :yum:

From my very limited experience, sometimes removing entities using Configuration/Entities doesn’t work. I found this when attempted to remove autodiscovered (mqtt) shelly devices

Yes it does. Problem with autodiscovered mqtt devices is this : you have to remove the retained messages on your broker first, before you remove them from HA. Or else HA will rediscover them the moment HA restarts, because your broker sends the retained messages when HA starts.

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Which proves that the functionality is broken/incomplete.
But as far as I remember those entities weren’t removed from the list at all. Even for a while. Simply this operation did nothing to the list.

No it’s a standard MQTT function and the way it’s intended to work.
If you are using HA’S Built in MQTT broker feel free to raise a new feature suggestion however
It looks as though this feature has been added to 0.107.0:

I have the same issue of warnings in my logfile of a removed integration (mobile_app).
However I have no references to the UUID in the files you mention, they only appear in the file


in the directory


should I delete this file?

Make a backup. Try and edit the file to only remove what you no longer need.
You can try deleting the file be if may affect other mobile devices and or ha.
In any case make sure ha is not running while you edit

Um, can someone tell me where the .storage folder is on a virutalbox machine?
Looking in all the folders in terminal and can’t find it.