How to replace Conbee 2 Zigbee stick and retain current config?

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My HA configuration has grown to be more integrated into our home. This means that failures have become more significant.

To mitigate failures I have bought a second set of kit (RPi, Conbee 2) and copied a snapshot onto the SD card in the RPi. This means that, in the event of a failure I can unpug the Rpi, plug in the new one and we are back running in about 5 minutes, albeit with an older config.

The outstanding question is the Conbee 2 zigbee controller. Given that the USB device is addressed /dev/serial/by-id I assume that this will need to be changed in the standby configuration? This could be done offlline beforehand so isn’t a problem. However, if I replace the conbee 2 am I going to have to re-pair all the zigbee devices to the new one manually? This is not really acceptable.

Is there some way for the standby stick to pick up the configuration of the live stick such that no device pairing is required ?

Thanks in advance.

Does this help?

It looks like the answer is in that thread. I’ll try it out and confirm. Thanks for the pointer. It’s always reassuring when someone has gone down the path before.

Given the increasing importance of HA, methods for creating standby systems are definitely required.

I went through the process but ended up with a controller with an ID of zeros. There’s a description of how to fix this issue in the Deconz documentation but it involves removing and reinstalling the addon. I’ll give this a try, but for the time being I need to return to my live system so that I avoid being kneecapped when the lights don’t work.

I’ll update when I’ve got this working.


Any update? I’m interested too, just in case of conbeee ii failure…

Afraid not. Testing it out does not go down well with the other half in this weather. I’ll pick it up again in a few weeks. Everything else can be swapped in minutes, but at the moment I think all the zigbee devices will need to be re-paired with the new conbee.

Hi there,

I did not have to re-pair anything. I actually have now two NUCs with Conbees and I can remotely swap from different location to backup systems RPI3B+ with Raspbees. This was my procedure:

  1. I created a backup in Phoscon in existing system
  2. Shut down the host
  3. Pulled Raspbee out
  4. Installed Conbee
  5. Power on
  6. Changed the device address in deconz addon (device: /dev/ttyUSB0)
  7. Loaded the backup in Phoscon
  8. In hidden config loaded the last network configuration
  9. Rebooted the host

I think at some point I had to manually change in Phoscon the zigbee channel to 25 (from 20 which the new Conbee had) …

Thanks for this. It was a while ago, but I think that was broadly what I tried. As I recall, everything looked fine from the rPi end but was disconnected from the actual zigbee devices.

I’ll need to repeat the exercise at a suitable time.