How to resize the content of an iframe card?

I am loading the following page into an iframe card:

ÖBB -  

Is it possible to resize the content within the iframe? If yes, how?

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Thats brilliant, thank you.

Hey I know this is an old post, but you seem to be the only one that has posted anything like this, but even copying your code directly over it doesn’t seem to work. Do you know if something has changed in HA that would make this no longer work?

still works

I can’t get the indentation right from the example in the top.
can someone help me out pls.

could it be something like:

style: |
#root iframe {
transform: scale(60%)
url: …

My goal is to scale Music Assistant in an iFrame, so that i can see more than the usual albums in one row.

Hey there

Im also trying to get this to work?

Ive downloaded Card-Mods from HACS, Get this message?

This seemed to work…adding scale(1.5); or what ever number suits…

style: |
div#root iframe {
transform: scale(1.5);
transform-origin: 0 0;
width: 100000px;
height: 100000px;