How to setup Netatmo integration using webhooks to speed up device status update response times

It seems that quite a few people struggled with setting up the webhooks for Netatmo integration. (You need to set them up if you want to drastically increase status update response times reported by your Netatmo devices). I was one of those people so I decided to gather all the information scattered among multiple posts and write up this compact guide to help anyone else struggling with this.

It’s important to note that the main credit for the information provided below goes to Cgtobi who seems to be the main person in charge of Netatmo integration overall and ondrej.belecky. Contributions of both people helped me the most to solve this issue especially in this post.

  1. This step is the most important:

DO NOT install Netatmo Integration from Home Assistant Integration page yet!!!

If you have it already installed, delete it first. Disabling it is not enough, you need to delete it. You will reinstall it as the last step of this guide. (After reinstalling, I didn’t have to redefine any of the Netatmo entities, they all came back. But just to be on the safe side, make note of all the customizations you happened to make to your Netatmo devices and entities.)

  1. If you use Nabu Casa you can skip this step.

If you don’t use Nabu Casa you need open port 443 so that your home assistant installation can be accessed externally. You can find multiple posts that deal with how to do it. And you need to have reverse proxy configured correctly as can be found for example here. (Nabu Casa does both of these steps for you.)

  1. Sign in to Netatmo Developer Page here:
    (Use the same credentianls you use to sign in to regular Netatmo account.)

  2. On that page, create new app. Name it whatever you like (although it must be a unique name). It will generate client ID and client secret for you as shown below. Make sure “App status” is “Activated” and there is a green tick next to “Webhooks” status as also shown below:

  1. Add the following lines to your configuration.yaml file as instructed here. (Use client_id and client_secret that was generated for you when creating the app in the previous step):

  1. Restart Home Assistant

  2. Now add Netatmo integration from integration page. It will give you option to set it up either from configuration.yaml or Home Assistant Cloud. Use configuration.yaml option!

Everything should be working nicely now and the status update response times should be almost instantaneous.

If it didn’t work, the most likely culprits are:

  • You installed the Netatmo integration before setting up the webhooks on Netatmo Developer Page and before adding the information to configuration.yaml.
  • You didn’t open the port 443 (If you have Nabu Casa you don’t need to.)
  • You don’t have reverse proxy configured correctly. (If you have Nabu Case you don’t need to.)

Hope this helps someone at least a bit. :slight_smile:


That worked perfect. Thanks.