Netatmo thermostat updates very slowly


my Netatmo thermostat updates in Hassio is very slow.

Sometimes I can wait also minutes before the entity gets updated.

My config is

  platform: netatmo
  relay: my_relay
    - Termostato
  api_key: !secret netatmo_api_key
  secret_key: !secret netatmo_secret_key
  username: !secret netatmo_username
  password: !secret netatmo_password
  discovery: false

Any help?


I’m still having this issue.

If I change something in HA it’s almost immediate the change in the Netatmo app.
If I change something in the Netatmo app I have to wait several minutes before HA gets update.

Any suggestion?


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Same issue here. Haven’t yet found a solution.

If you set up webhook events for Netatmo it will update almost instantly.

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Does this mean that I have to open any port, even with duck dns?
I don’t have any open port and I always use Vpn if I want to use HA from outside home.


If you don’t open a port you don’t even need duckdns.

If you don’t want to open a port you can go with Nabu Casa which handles that for you.

If you want to open a port you have to open 443 (or 9443).

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Hi there, i’m about to facing same problem (long update in HA even when change made in HA). Otherwise it’s working well.

I have my instance available from outside (custom LE https and ports open - everything is working well).
I’ve also setup Netatmo dev account, filled client_id and clients_secret in my instance configuration.yaml.

In Netatmo DEV i’ve set webhook URI as “https://{my_instance_public_url}/api/webhook/netatmo” which i don’t know if it’s correct.

My updates are still slow (i expect it respect polling interval). What else i need to do to make those webhook updates working?

Just you know - i only use Netatmo valves (with ralay).

Thanks a lot for your help and patience (i’m only using HA for few weeks now).


Check your logs for a message like
INFO (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.netatmo.data_handler] Netatmo webhook successfully registered
after startup. If you see that you’re webhook is successfully registered. If not, we have to check why.

i’ve set logger “homeassistant.components.netatmo” to debug and restarted my HA.

So far i’m able to see:

2021-01-06 09:45:56 INFO (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.netatmo] Register Netatmo webhook: https://{my_instance_public_uri}/api/webhook/bd0500abc19fd…

No “Netatmo webhook successfully registered” message followed. I’ve set that “generated” webhook URL to my Netatmo DEV account as “webhook URI”. I’ve set {my_instance_public_uri} in redirect URI (under Netatmo DEV account app).

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot for help cgtobi!

Configuring the webhook URI in the dev portal is not neccessary.

  • dev account set up
  • webhook not banned (on
  • Instance exposed and reachable via 443 (9443 not tested)
  • reverse proxy configured correctly (if used)

Can you double check those?

Screen from Netatmo DEV account:

Does that mean webhook not banned? Not really sure. Or how can i check?

I have my HA instance reachable via 443 (i don’t use reverse proxy, i’ve opened/port forward 443 on my router to HA, i’ve configured Let’s encrypt for my own domain and i’ve know my instance available from outside).

Configuring of webhook URI is done by Netatmo Integration itself?

If you want i can PM my instance URL / or even get any access to it. I’d like to help you with test/debug.


@cgtobi Hey it seems i probably have Netatmo integration added before i’ve setup Netatmo DEV account and put credentials to configuration.yaml (i thought adding credentials and restarting of HA is enought). I needed to remove Integration, restart HA, add Netatmo Integration again and now it’s working.

Thanks a lot for your help and great work!