How to setup the Starling Home Hub

Everything I have is either windows or Google.
I am using the web browser to setup the hub.
I got to the point where it says scan with an iphone. But only have android.
If I try to add the Homekit controller, it immediately says no unconfigured devices found.

Are there steps anywhere to get this up and running?

Are you looking for help in connecting that device to HA, or just in getting it working at all?

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Working in HA and getting it setup for my nest devices.

I am not sure how to do this with no iOS devices.
Seems I first need to get it connected to Nest then into HA, but dont know how to do both of those steps.

Getting the hub itself working isn’t really in the scope of this forum, you probably want to ask them for help.

For connecting it to HA, a search found this thread which may help you.