Any idea why the Starling Home Hub would be creating 180+ motion sensor entities?

I use a Starling Home Hub to connect several Nest products (cameras, security system, smoke detectors) to HA via the Homekit Controller integration. It’s been working great so far but have just noticed that it seems to have created waaaaay too many entities, doubling up motion sensors in particular.

I can’t say for sure whether this is causing my HA to slow down some, but at the very least it’s cluttering up my entities list.

Anyone have experience with something similar?

@milkplus , I found the same thing, didnt slow my HA down though - Assuming you have a nest Hello Doorbell, each of those sensors is a familiar face that it knows! I think theres a way to un-expose those ‘sensors’ in Starling, failing that you can bulk select the entites in HA and set them to inactive.

Sorry for double-replying, thought it might help if anyone else goes looking on the thread!