How to use a Script Blueprint programmatically?

Hey team!

I am trying to use @Talvish 's Sonos TTS script. See here:

I imported his blueprint, but for some reason I’m having trouble finding the right documentation online to show me how to define a script that uses this blueprint. I’ve used blueprints in the past but only for automations, not scripts.

I think specifically, I’m not sure how to pass the “fields” in properly.

I have something like this:

      path: /config/blueprints/script/mesa/talvish_tts_blueprint.yaml
        tts_language: "en"
          entity_id: "media_player.matts_office_sonos"
          message: "Hello, world"
          volume_level: 0.2

It is finding the blueprint successfully, and I know the path is right (since I have other blueprints there that work for automations).

But it is complaining about entity_id being None or not found, when Talvish is trying to parse that in the Jinja . So basically I think it’s not “getting” any of the fields.

I hope this made some sense - thank you for any help!