How to use Osram Smart+ Mini Switch

I’ve bought an Osram Smart+ Mini Switch, and I have successfully paired it with my home assistant (I am using the zha integration with the conbee Stick), however the only thing I get is a battery sensor and nothing else, and the battery state is even “unknown”.

How can I trigger actions from pressing one of the three buttons on the switch?

did you resolve? You need to look for the deconz_events that are triggered.

I have three of them. It was quite easy to pair them with my Conbee II stick (deconz docker).
Using the deconz_events is straight forward too, but after about half a day they all stop working. The green light at the switches stays off. I have to remove the batteries for about an hour then they are working again for the next few hours.

Anyone else experiencing this problem?

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Hi, because you know how to solve it, I have the same problem.

Sorry for the late answer.

In the meantime I switched from deCONZ to mqtt + zigbee2mqtt. This seems to be more reliable and the Osram Smart+ Mini Switches keep their connection without draining the batteries.

Managed to get this working with zigbee2mqtt aswell, i didnt use the blueprints that are floating around the internet. Far easiser just using MQTT and you can get the battery % aswell:

platform: mqtt
topic: zigbee2mqtt/Zigbee_switch/action
payload: up_hold

service: homeassistant.turn_off
    - media_player.sky_annexe
    - switch.hyperion
    - af9911086a6154f8f296668e75a80eca
    - 9e95c00dcf2d49f98370d5bb872b4416