How to use/read DeveloperTools/States correctly?

sorry for my noop question, but i filtered in states section for sensor.last_boot in developertools and showed the states by double clicking the entitiy …

what is the difference between the state i marked with a red1 and those marked with red2?
so when does my system has really last booted?

thanx in advance!

i think what it is saying is that the entity was last updated (and changed) at 01:11:10 on march 29.2024 (local time). it was changed to 2024-03-28T…
the last changed info is not intended to be the last boot time. it’s the time the sensor was updated.

i think what’s getting you tripped up is that this happens to be sensor.last_boot, so you’re assuming that the content of the sensor value should be identical to the last changed timestamp… but why must that be the case? it’s totally reasonable that the sensor value might not get written down the instant the boot happens… but instead gets written a bit later.

if your next question is “what’s the difference between last_changed and last_updated”:

if that’s not your next question… nvmd :slight_smile:

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