HTML5 problems

I cannot get HTML5 to register
I have completed all steps (verify domain, register for GCM, resinstall pywebpush, add the other utils via apt)

I can see the slider on the side but when selected I get “please setup notify.html5” message
If I activiate automation that uses HTML5 is says “Unable to find service notify/html5”

obviously I’m doing something wrong but I can seem to figure it out.
Any Hints please!!

Add html under the notify component in your configuration.yaml

HTML5 setup is included in my notify.yaml

BUT I was silly enough to forget that I commented out the notify component a while back. Simple things right!!!

I having issues with Push to Chrome.
Push to Firefox works without issue.
When I enable push notification from Chrome (if chrome device in html5_push_registrations.conf), Push notification fail to send to any user agent (chrome or firefox) with gcm_api_key

I verify several time I am using correct keys so I dont believe this is issue.

Would you have suggestion for this?

I haven’t run into that and only recently set up html5 so I’m not sure I know how to help you.

sorry to dig up an old thread, but I cant get the slider to switch on with my HassIO install where I have just now set up the HTML5 component. As far as I’m aware I have completed all the prerequisites, domain has been verified and HTML details listed under notify.yaml

can someone please help me?

can someone please help me? I dont know what I have done wrong to not be able to turn the notification slider on…

Are you accessing https ha site?
Are you lookingfir switch in correct place under configuration>>general

I am trying to use https however I get the message that the site is not secure (as you can see the resulting address below) and am looking at the slider in the config section. I have never been able to get the https to be ‘happy’ but i thought that was due to the self signed certificate… maybe I’m wrong

Valid https cert required

how can I fix that? I’m using the HassIO addon for DuckDNS with inbuilt Lets Encrypt.

So why does it say not secure in the browser address bar?

I’ve been looking at other threads and I think it may be due to a router port forwarding issue but not sure. Trying to get a definitive answer on which ports are required

Your cert is not valid. Fix that and you should be ok.

Port 443 is https basically

so should i be forwarding external port 443 to the RPi’s IP address @ port 443, or port 8123?.. or is it the other way around?

I only have 80-80, 8123-8123, 3218-3218 and 7681-7681
80 for SSL LetsEncrypt verification, 8123 for HA, 3218 for Configurator and 7681 for terminal. Otherwise I can’t access them.

ah, ok. thanks. the one I have missing is 80-80. I’ll give that a try and hopefully everything starts to work like it should. cheers!

one thing I have just read on another thread suggests not to forward port 80 due to issues it can cause with Google Home. Do you have Google Homes? no issues?

443 should be to 8123.

When you access the site at it should present your https cert. Currently it is not doing that. I don’t use that add-on so I can’t help with config of that but it might be that you currently have 8123 forwarded to 8123 through router causing issue

google home no issues.
443-8123 does not work for me.
8123-8123 will not cause any issues!
Google Home works fine with 80-80